How Stevie Ray Vaughan Learn Playing Guitar
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How Stevie Ray Vaughan Learn Playing Guitar

It is sad some times to imagine why some great talents never last at least for a while. Each time you think of Stevie Rav Vaughan he reminds many of a football player by name Jack born around 1954, he was a talented young man. He was not only talented he was a multi-talented, he was good in soccer, music, ice hockey, pop music, and just like Stevie a creative guitarist. At the age of 15, jack just like Stevie started his career early enough; he will accompany his elder brother to watch soccer. Most often he will be the one going around picking the ball. By the end of the training encounter, he got so tired as if he was the one playing.

Usually, he will seat by just watching, and some times when the ball goes outside, Jack will run and pick up the ball and sent back into the pitch. This continued for over one-year, while this boy was watching he was also learning at the same time. On a particular day, a few minutes into the playing time, his elder brothers sustained an injury. Looking around, there was nobody available to replace him.

Just like Stevie Rav, nobody knew

The teams were 10 against 11 players, the coach was now considering either to send one player out or look for another player to replace Jack’s elder brother. Jack only 16 by then and all the other players were matured and much older than him. He opted to replace him who felt Jack was too young to start training with older guys. Even the coach was worried that the boy could be injured just like his brother.

Just like Stevie Rav, nobody knew this 16-years-old boy was a star in the marking. The first pass that got to him shocked everybody. He dribbled all the players and scored the lone goal that ended the training session. Immediately, he was admitted into the national team to defend his country in a FIFA global tournament that was to take place a few months later but. Just like Stevie Rav, he died at the peak of his career while in a training session.

How Stevie Ray Vaughan Learn Playing Guitar

This was a painful experience for the entire football club; it was a burning question considering that Jack and Stephen Rav died almost at the same time. Stephen was only 36 when he died, born 3 October 1954, he was a renowned musician, singer, and writer at the same time. During his time nobody could compete with him when it comes to playing the guitar. He was a known global guitarist that you hardly mention the world’s best guitarist without mentioning Stephen Rav.

Again, he had a similar coaching style just like Jack, he was fortunate to be loved by some great guitarist at the time who gave him the best training. He learned standard cords, scales, equipment, the “big players also used him to open shows for them thereby gaining some popularity as a young player. At an early age, he learned a lot from his elder brother who was a great guitarist too. They learned by observing other great musicians and they did a greater of the job by self-training. His first birthday gift was a guitar which gave him more time to practice at home and did learn from his brother.