How To Tell A Real Army Ranger From A Fake One
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How To Tell A Real Army Ranger From A Fake One

Army rangers are elite military forces that are responsible for a wide range of highly dangerous operations. These rangers can easily be mistaken for other military groups or a person can decide to fake his identity as a ranger. To identify an army ranger, you have to know the characteristics of the army ranger which include, how they are trained, their uniform and overall duties. Any force has its distinctive characteristics which allow them to be differentiated from other forces, even if their primary objective might be similar. It is these distinctions that will help a person to identify a real ranger or a fake one.

To begin training as an army ranger, you need at least a school diploma, good physical appearance including a sharp IQ. The IQ will be required to solve unexpected problems which could not be covered in training. Ranger school lasts about 62 days when different sets of skills are taught to the students. The school is open to any US army member who finds interest in serving as a ranger. Their training is focused on close combat and direct fire battles because these are the main operations that they will be carrying out. Rangers will be pushed to the limits of their capabilities to bring out the best in them.

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Based on their intense training, army rangers will engage in physical battles with their enemies. The rangers have to be trained for such situations so that their skills are sharpened. Army rangers will also go on reconnaissance missions to gather information from their enemies, which might be used in follow-up missions. Another mission can be to capture enemy personnel who can be used to the army’s advantage. They must be ready for a mission at any time because a unit may be called upon under short notice. For this, an army ranger is always on duty except at night or on weekends.

An army ranger can wear a uniform that is regular attire in an army, but with key differences. The first visible difference is a yellow tab on their left shoulder that signifies a ranger. Rangers get that tab after graduating from ranger school, signifying that they are now a ranger. Apart from the tab, there is a ranger hat which looks like a cap with a US ranger printed on it.

How To Tell A Real Army Ranger From A Fake One

Operations include air assault warfare and anti-terrorism battles, among other dangerous missions. Rangers are often mistaken for Navy Seals, though both forces are in the US army, their duties are not the same. Knowing the characteristics of a ranger sets a foundation for identifying them. It is common for a person to claim to be part of the rangers. Such people admire the praise that US veterans receive and how their history remains in the record books. Wanting to impress their circle, an imposter can pretend to be a US army ranger or exaggerate their records. Most often, these pretenders will not exemplify a ranger’s character without training.

A sure way to tell if a person is not a ranger is by looking at their general conduct. Rangers’ conduct is as unique as his prep.