Is It Possible To Make A Living Gambling?
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Is It Possible To Make A Living Gambling?

When it comes to making a living, gambling ranks about the lowest position in people’s list of viable options. Nobody just ups, and sets up their life in a gambling society without first considering their abilities, and odds of making it. Some people have made a fortune gambling, denying that much would be actively denying the presence of lottery winners. When you get to such extremities of denial, there’s nothing much that can be done about you; just like those vaccine deniers, see how the government just lets them be!

Yes, you can make a living

Yes, you can make a living gambling, and it’s no secret that the games of luck have changed thousands of lives for the better. Of course, the losing side outweighs the winning side, but if any conclusive research is to be done on this matter, then it must accept winning as one of the variables involved. To create a fair examination of this possibility, it is important to use sports betting, blackjack, and poker as the most effective case studies. ‘Why those three?’ ‘Those are very specific examples! Wouldn’t you agree?’ Well, poker, sports betting, and blackjack is the top gambling franchises. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 9 years, such a question shouldn’t even cross your mind.

Gambling may have results every once

Gambling may have results every once in a while, but you should probably keep in mind that it is not a reliable source of money for sorting out daily needs like food, and medication (for some). It’s probably the reason you never hear family members of a cancer patient hitting the casino, and or lotteries to clear the hospital bill for their hospitalized member. Otherwise, you could spend your lifetime trying to generate money in casinos, a luxury the patient can’t afford to wait for.

Is It Possible To Make A Living Gambling?

Of the three gambling franchises mentioned above, poker is probably the only one that accords you the highest chance of success. You’ve probably heard the popular phrase that says ‘the house always wins’. Well, not always, and especially not with poker because as many gamblers will attest, poker has no house advantage. Thousands of players have had huge success playing this game, and it wasn’t because the house got sloppy at its job. That was largely skill, combined with a tad of luck. If there was ever a gambling activity that would likely elevate your financial status, then ‘poker’ would be it.

Sports betting is also an avenue for making money while gambling your money away. People who do it at a professional level say that this type of gambling has a 57% rate of winning, which of course leaves a solid 43% losing rate. There’s not much of a difference between the losses and wins, and that creates the need for a massive stake for a tangible amount of profit to be realized.

The whole point of betting is to make more money from less, not to use a massive bankroll in generating decent figures. This kind of commitment requires plenty of research and getting used to because sports is always an unpredictable activity. Scammers on the internet understand that most gamblers are under pressure to earn cash, consequently, most of them may be prone to impulsive decisions. Online scammers capitalize on this fact by creating fake websites that guarantee unrealistic win rates just to take advantage of the confidence of such bettors. Understand that in this industry, very few games have a win rate of 90% or more, and that’s how you identify scammers. Once you learn to your research and sports analysis, you won’t need to have a stranger managing your online betting accounts for you. In case you haven’t heard, that’s how people get scammed and stolen from.

Playing blackjack online comes with its rather unique set of challenges that do not make it easy to generate income while at it. Decks get shuffled regularly, and this makes counting of cards rather difficult. In a real-life gaming table, you might do well, maybe you have a photographic memory that gives you an edge over the other players. However, the playing ground is leveled in online casinos, where each hand you play possibly comes from a different deck. The assertion that Artificial Intelligence may replace humans is evidently true in the gambling industry. Some computers make better decisions than any elite human bettor would ever come up with.